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Muse Field Trip (from earlier in October)

In one of my many past lives, I spent most of my time near, on, or thinking about how to be better at being on horses. My teacher and mentor once suggested taking gymnastics classes to improve my balance. What she actually said was, “It will teach you to fall safely, and that’s important since you’ll have to do a lot of falling to become a true horsewoman,” and though I never got around to taking the classes, I also never forgot that she said I should.

A decade later, I found myself leading a field trip to a circus gym (Muse) in Williamsburg, thanks to the generous invitation of Yoni and Angela. I’ve always liked climbing things and always been a bit of a klutz, so I was both excited and nervous. It was exciting to be nervous! That’s usually a sign that there’s a chance to grow in the impending something…

IT WAS INCREDIBLE! We did some independent body awareness exercises, cooperative balancing and listening exercises, climbing on silks, hanging from lyra, and generally playing with our bodies in new ways.

Happily exhausted after an hour and a half, we said thanks and bye to our hosts and headed out into sunny Williamsburg. @likeaboss knew the area and led us to a park for lunch and tree-climbing. It had taken us an hour to get to this part of Brooklyn, and we decided to hang out as long as we had time and energy to before trekking back to East Harlem. So we walked to Mast Brothers factory to smell the air and taste their chocolate. Then we stopped at the Art House Co-Op Sketchbook library to look through some books. Finally, we went hunting for a Geo-Cache the clue for which was “under the sliding and across from the spinning.” We found it! Even though it was super tiny 🙂

Having explored the neighborhood and photographed lots of graffiti, we headed back to the train with exactly enough time to make it back to school for clean-up. I was delighted by how open to and excited about neighborhood exploring everyone was after the trip, and I can’t wait to go back!


Pictures here!


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