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Between two [imaginary] ferns, with Javair

Who are you?

A logic-loving experience-devil (like dare-devil…). I love computer science. Oh, and I’m socially manipulative.

What’s an example of being socially manipulative?

My favorite example is in card games, like in Coup. When someone challenges you, they choose their own card. I like manipulating them to choose the wrong card. I use a slight motion to indicate the wrong card (like point with a finger). I’ve done this a lot with my mom.

How was your week?

My week was actually quite fun, because it involved lots and lots of Coup. And I got to meet Becca. It was intriguing because I got to meet a bunch of people, like Hannah and the visiting week students. Not to mention I did a bunch of body stuff, like yoga and acrobalance. I think the highlight of my week was working in the conference call [with ALC network staff] to brainstorm ideas for an ALC app [that I intend to build].

Oh, wait…I left this as a draft for a while. How was your week this week (2/13)?

T’was great. I enjoyed being up in Chatham, where everyone worked together and collaborated to respect the community that is up there and to keep the place clean. And I loved Thanos’ dinner [of lamb and mashed potatoes].

Any projects you’re excited about right now?

Building an ALC app. Also, I guess, reading more books.

The app is currently going to be a web application so that it can be accessed on the phone or computer. It’ll be something that lets you quickly access your digi-ban, scrum with people, find out your schedule for the week…just an app allowing the user to communicate with facilitators or students or themselves (by giving themselves reminders).

To steal questions from Everett, what is something you love about the people at ALC-NYC?

i personally just really like the way the community works together. That’s why I really like it in Chatham–seeing everyone collaborate. I also really like that I can go to someone and say ‘hey, I’m doing this, wanna join’ and that’s a scrum and then it becomes an open thing anyone can join. As far as the people go, I think they’re all great.

Stolen question two: what are five things you love about yourself?

I like when I get passionate about something; that I’m open to moderating certain things–like my computer usage–without a push [from outside] I can realize that this is a thing I do a lot so maybe I should cut back and do other things instead; the way I was raised, to be self-directed; my natural writing skills, which was something…when I started programming I learned some things–like the rules of capitalization–by intuition, and I think to this day I still haven’t taken an English class and I am very confident in my writing skills; my ability to spurt out random facts and have them be at least somewhat in context.

Do you have a favorite place in New York City?

Pretty much ALC-NYC. If I went there more often, maybe The Uncommons.

Do you think you could program a virtual monkey pet? (from @kingthanos)

With a couple years and a programming team, entirely possible.

What animal would you like to be reincarnated as next?

Something extinct, to revive that species by reanimating its DNA. Mammoth maybe…

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