4 days of…

It’s spring! Every morning on my way to school, I walk through (or bus around, if the weather is bad) the North end of Central Park. I’ve been waiting soooo patiently for the flowers and leaves and ducks and turtles to return, and this week they’re finally all back!

@ryanshollenberger spent the week in Puerto Rico at ExAlt, hanging with iguanas and having other adventures 🙂 So @bear and @chuck came down from Chatham. They also brought @themadhatter and a couple of visitors and we had @tomis this week. Lots of awesome adults, offering trips through the city (to a fish shop!), holding down the fort so I can take spontaneous trips with @lillaw to drink mango lassis, run Ryan’s spawn point, clean frantically in preparation for tonight’s Parent Interest Night (props Tomis) and teaching kids to sew notebooks/fold envelopes/wonder at Octop[odes/i/ities].

I was really excited this week to hear @timotree and @themadhatter collaboratively gaming. @thewitchqueen908 was the only young person to follow through on her commitment to Acrobalance AND she requested to base me. Then she successfully based me. She’s gotten so strong playing with Yoni over the past few months! I had a great walk in the woods with @agilealfie and @awesome, then an enjoyable flop and chat in the back room with @kingthanos and @failspy.

Looking forward to some focused work time with other ALFs this weekend!


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