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Kid Imagines the Final Battle Between Horace and Seth

Doing homework for my comic hero MOOC (Last week @douglasawesome!), I started researching Egyptian deities. I was talking with @thewitchqueen908 @shadowjack and @jacobcb about Isis, Orisis, Seth, and Horace, and @thewitchqueen908 asked whether Horace kills Seth. The internet (and Jack) wasn’t sure…apparently there are lots of different accounts of how the final battle between Horace and Seth went/will go. He was inspired to write his own [which he can’t post on his own blog until he resets his password…*poke*poke*]. Here it is:

seth hire messenger Zeus boy. Zeus boy be like “Horus is at da door” and seth be like “wait, WHAT?! Dat little brat?! You sure?” “yeah, I sure.” Says Zeus boy. “argh!” says seth as he stomps to the door. Seth opens the door, and appears little nooby Horus. Seth sighs and says “why. . . “ seth says as he shakes his head “. . . are you here?” “I CHALANGE YOU TO A FIGHT TO THE DEATH!!!” says Horus. (a few nooby moments of walking later. . . ) Horus and seth have arrived at an arena. “Now, WE FIGHT!” yells Horus. “you are too nooby. This will not be a fare fight.” Says seth. “yeah, FOR YOU!!” says Horus as he shoots seth with a pistol. “ONE SHOT! OOOOOOOOH! BURN!” yells a crowd as seth falls to the ground. A man runs over to seth. “he’s dead.” Says the man. “YAY!!! HE’S DEAD!! SETH IS DEAD!! YAAAAAY!!!!” says the crowd. The End.

Final commentary: Ha ha Greek god…This is when Zeus was a little boy.





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