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Blurry Week

Happy first week of Autumn!!!! The air is chilly and the leaves are changing. And I have seasonal allergy sniffles; time for honey and oregano oil (@kingthanos’ favorite).

I got sucked into some legally, technicalish things Monday after Set-the-Week, while also trying to keep a pulse on the tempers of a few folks who entered the space tense and irritable. Which meant I didn’t do Maths club (props to @douglasawesome and @ryanshollenberger for their dedication!) or drawing at AMNH (but have you seen @failspy’s sketches?!?) like I wanted to. But then I played some physical games with @agilealfie and practiced handstands with @thewitchqueen908 while catching up on her present ideas about exercise, make-up, and atheism. I felt pretty awesome after playing, and I made a mental note that intense physical exertion helps me shake stress/distraction really effectively.

Tuesday I participated in the Blueprint of We workshop that @bear ran, inspired by a Culture Committee conversation last week. Very shortly after the workshop I noticed @agilealfie using some of the practices for managing frustration that he wrote out with Bear. What was really cool was that other kids noticed and acknowledged him for doing so when sharing during Gratitude Circle. Yay Alfie! And yay Bear, whose facilitation during the workshop was clearly coming from a supportive, trusting, receptive, empowering place…which I noticed kids responding really positively to.

After that, I did the InterALC Psychology meet-up. It was a little frustrating at first: we started a half hour late because those facilitating wanted to wait for attendees who were late coming or came on time and then excused themselves…I didn’t actually mind that people wasn’t punctual, and I appreciate the feeling of being a facilitator and wanting to be accommodating. But next time I’m going to suggest we stick to the times communicated. Then people are free to show up a little late or duck out without holding the group up. Fortunately I had help playing an amusing not-quite-Bananagrams game while waiting.

Which reminds me to mention that @liam visited Monday and Tuesday! And we played Bananagrams! And he gave me a gold ALF sticker! I’m really glad Liam came to school. Because I like being around him and watching our awesome ALCNYC humans meet awesome otherALC humans, but also because we were at the Maker Faire different days last weekend [Sidebar: I went to the Maker Faire with @drew to see the spectacular Galactic Nemeses showcase by @douglasawesome @timotree and Will. The geekiness was delightful, a little overwhelming, and brain-exploding. I kept taking breaks to just watch 3D printers work because that was a calming, meditative thing to focus on amidst all the hubub].

Wednesday we had a park trip planned, but then it rained. But I played a bunch of improv theater games instead, so it worked out. I don’t remember the rest of the day so well. I don’t really remember Thursday either. And I can’t check my kanban because it’s Sunday night and I’m writing from home…I’ve been spending community blogging hour on Friday taking dictations from younger students and supporting those still learning to write in spelling different things, so I didn’t have time at school.

Thursday night I did hang at school late for some meetings and a Parent Interest Night. My friend Vincent came in (late) so that he could come to school on Friday to hang out and teach some sea shanties, as per a student request a few weeks ago. He did that on Friday with @douglasawesome and @failspy. I hope they blog about what they learned, because I really wanted to sit in on that offering but was the only accountable-for-facilitating adult in the space and so got sucked into woodshop support (fantastically! with @pigsfly and @agilealfie, who you should ask about their creations) and ALF support (@abram you’re so incredibly generous, loving, and patient. I hope those you went out of your way to help on Friday saw and appreciated your care).

There was also a coconut and GROOC homework somewhere in that week, but I don’t know quite where. After saying good-bye to Vincent, I ran out of the city for the weekend…to meet up with @pigcraft8 for some fire, fishing, cabin camping, hiking, Plop Trumps, and milkshakes between Harriman State Park and Tuxedo, NY. We’re plotting an ALCNYC camping trip, though we want a different hike than the one we did today (and I did yesterday…) because it was a bit tough for smaller-legged people. We’ll think of something though. Stay tuned 😉






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