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The Week! 11/9-11/13

We had such a full and busy week!

We’ve been having busy weeks in general. Mondays have Set-the-Week, Spawn, Acro, Maths, Drawing (or this week…cake decorating!), and usually a Werewolves game. If you wanted to participate in scheduled activities all day, you easily could.

I haven’t been. I’ve been spending much of my Mondays doing admin/email things…getting things set up and organized so they’re off my mind the rest of the week. That usually takes the morning–with a few breaks to do laps around the space and take pictures–and then I get to spend the afternoon hanging out and chatting with kids.

Tuesday we had lots of sword making this week. And music. In Psychology, we talked about child development last week and then theories for understanding consciousness this week. I love the Psychology offering and am so grateful that @cammysherbert and @failspy are running it. We’ve passed video 20 (CrashCourse), which feels really good. This week, I had a great conversation with Javair about what it would look like to take the theories and ideas from the videos this week and find ways to practice/apply them in trying to interact with other humans in ways that support them (and take care of us).

Wednesday we had our second field trip in a row to The Uncommons. Well…kindof to The Uncommons. We started at the Union Square Farmer’s Market. Then we walked to M2M (a Korean market), Sunrise Market (Japanese supermarket), Washington Square Park, The Uncommons, and back to Union Square to play at the playground there before returning to school. I’m grateful to @serenagermany @pigsfly @thewitchqueen908 and @failspy for coming (and to @ryanshollenberger for holding down the fort so we could go)! I love watching young people learn to navigate the city and become more confident travelers.

Thursday–yesterday–I’m not really sure what happened at school. It seemed like lots of woodworking and wrestling and programming. I was buried in spreadsheets and paperwork…Which I noticed feels much better when I’m in a room with big windows and people I love doing productive things around me.

Today I hosted a visitor, hung out with a different visitor, did some acro, and am blogging early (while most everyone else in engrossed in a Werewolves game). I’ve noticed that it’s difficult for me to make time to blog these days; during school blog time I’m supporting younger kids, after school I’m in meetings or catching up on emails/paperwork/admin things, and on weekends I’m catching up on housework and trying to maintain my non-ALC relationships. Excuses excuses…The point is that I already failed my intention to draw every day in November and I’ve been failing on blogging. BUT! I’m committing to blog early on Fridays, to make sure I’m blogging. And I have been reading kids’ blogs, but I want to be commenting more. Putting that in awareness for now…




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