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Scribbles for Grammar

Douglas has been playing this game called Scribblenauts that I’m really enjoying. His character gets missions to do minor helpful things for people he encounters and larger heroic things for super-heroes who summon him.

To play, Douglas types in nouns to conjure different items he wants. He can also click on objects and characters to “add adjectives” to them. He loses points if he uses the same adjective repeatedly, and sometimes the game gives him a list of more specific nouns to choose from when he types in something general like “knife” or “jetpack.” My grammar nerd got really excited when he asked for synonyms for “flying” and adjectives to defeat a “robo-saur” (we came up with “rusty”).

I love how the game rewards creativity and thoughtful word choices. Admittedly, it’s also fun to watch a cartoon protagonist ride a flying spider and fight zombies by freezing them 🙂

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