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Body Worlds!!!

Thanks to curiosity of students, generosity of parents, and agility of facilitators, I had the opportunity to support a really interesting field trip this week. @RyanShollenberger , @douglasawesome , @likeaboss , @kingthanos , @FailSpy, Elijah, and I went to the Body Worlds exhibit at Discovery Times Square. It was so exciting to get to go on a field trip with so many kids AND Ryan!!! It was an especially exciting trip for me both because of a personal fascination with anatomy as well as a memory of my mother pulling my sisters and I out of school when a Body Worlds exhibit first came to Philadelphia years ago.

@KingThanos led us through the subways and the crowds of Times Square. We arrived at the discovery building and together descended into the exhibit space. I had been expecting the focus of the exhibit to be on explaining the process of plastination and exploring how cool our bodies are, so I was intrigued by the introductory video, an RSA animated short pointing out that our heartbeat stays consistent even as stress, technology, and expectations speed up the pace we try to live our lives at. From the video, we moved into the exhibit to look at brain slices, artificial joints, smokers’ lungs, alcoholics’ livers, reproductive organs, spines, muscles in different positions, nerve networks, and many other reflections of own bodies.

The kids had lots to say; they seemed particularly interested in discussing fetuses, where the bodies came from, the impact of smoking cigarettes on the body, and a photo gallery comparing diets from around the world.

They were also interested in a video that was part of the exhibit, because it mentioned that conventional schooling fails to teach young people to navigate the decisions and influences that bombard them daily. While looking at brains, we heard the video’s narrator talking about education that gives people creativity and power to choose how to use each of their irreplaceable heartbeats. The video came up in discussion as we were leaving the exhibit, and I looked for it online when we returned to school (after group pizza time!). I couldn’t find it, so I emailed the Body Worlds organizers. They called back less than an hour later, and the very helpful Georgina Gomez emailed me the link to The Secret Powers of Time, which I now get to share with you 🙂 Enjoy!


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