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The week it got cold.

Recipe for (mostly) quiet productivity (of the most joyful kind):


2 visiting students

1 guest observer

@Ninablanco and @Tomis back from travels

Geva, with many offerings 🙂

Foam puzzle-piece mats for forts

A culture committee meeting

A field trip to Body Worlds

An arduino + Nintendo controller project

Splatter paint project

New woodshop projects

Meetings to design new gameshifting boards


1. Build intentional community collaboratively with learners of various ages/interests

2. Introduce tools/rituals for maintaining a supportive culture

3. Offer weekly WikiTrails, Geoguesser, Chronology, Partner Acrobatics, Go, and Japanese classes/opportunities

4. Sprinkle in all ingredients listed above

5. Give time and openness for wonder, approximately five days



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