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Last week before the break!!!

My week started gettin’ agile Sunday evening, when @bear and the Cloudhouse crew arrived at my apartment to join Brandon and I and our Polish quantum physicist friend for the biggest sleepover I’ve had in years 🙂

Monday, the weather was BEAUTIFUL! So a group of us took off to climb rocks, picnic, draw, hide-and-seek, and discover wasp-nest fragments in Central Park. It felt really good to get outside, and I was particularly excited that we played on the rocks and in the conservatory garden. We usually go straight to the playground, which is a different kind of fun (with fewer trees). Back at school, constant group games (online and off), meetings, movies, art, and interview-giving generated my favorite kind of relaxed-yet-productive hummm.

Wednesday brought a rare occurance: an all-school (+@tomis !) field trip to see Hobbit 3! In the morning, @kingthanos predicted that the movie would start with the slaying of Smaug and continue with the Battle of Five Armies for the remainder of the film. He was, of course, correct.

I’ve noticed lots of card games, art projects (with wood), and collaborative minecrafting this week. I’ve also noticed myself feeling very tired but content. Cleaning before big transitions has always been one of my favorite kinds of meditation; in resetting the space around me, I reset my mind and create space for new energy when the (slightly older/different/refreshed) community reunites next year.

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