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Of course you won’t be bored over the break, but just in case…

Mostly thinking of @failspy @kingthanos @jacobcb as I write this, but here are a bunch of resources for anyone in NYC over the break and unsure of how to keep adventuring while school is closed 🙂

Free museums! Don’t be shy about taking advantage of “suggested/donation-based admission” 😉 Also, I would highly recommend taking a friend and checking out the First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum. The music, stories, free art, and people watching have never disappointed me yet!

Free weekly events from NYCgo and TimeOutNYC, some happening now and some happening all the time. I’ve found some unexpected adventures using these sites.

MUSIC! Free and classical here. Potentially free and all ages rock/pop/hip-hop/etc. here and here.

Comedy sketches and musical improv! Shows I’ve been to cost $5-$7. In my experience, the comedy sketches are edgier than the musical improv (which astounds me more because it’s improv…), but if you’re comfortable with swearing and adult humor, these shows can be really fun.

Free movies @MoMA! Often strange and old and interesting.

Free lectures, films, art shows, food @NYU!

Weird and wonderful Brooklyn things via this email newsletter! Some are 21+, but most art events are all ages.

And of course, you can also ice skate, explore a park, play GO on Tuesday night, ride the ferry to Staten Island then bus to Snug Harbor, walk across a bridge, eat in Jackson Heights//Brighton Beach//Arthur Ave, or any of a bunch of other things I’m probably forgetting 🙂 Happy exploring!


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