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Oh! I found an old blog post draft on my hard drive (from 10.17)

Monday didn’t really feel like a Monday, since we rolled into it after having ALF-ed through the weekend upstate. I love getting to play with wonderful adults and hang in beautiful Chatham, but there’s always a point where I become impatient to come back to the kids.

We filled the weekly schedule board! We cheered about Drew’s flight getting cancelled (so he could stay longer)! We talked about who writes history and how most of us were perfectly content to be in school on a “holiday.” After asking the kids in the morning what they thought of Columbus and hearing that they were familiar with the he-was-a-discoverer-hero story and the he-killed-native-people-who-were-generous-and-helpful-to-him story, @RyanShollenberger and I did a read-aloud of the first 11 pages of Howard Zinn’s People’s History of the United States. The excerpts from De Las Casas left me nauseous, the historians-have-agendas-just-like-map-makers bit made me miss playing with academic writing and text explications, and the inconsistencies (even within the text, but also when compared to others) of numbering and naming that I would later find reminded me how very little we know of even some events we have nationally memorialized.

Other exciting events this week included an epic game of Zombie Munchkins that refused to end, the unveiling of my “Adventure Map,” witnessing the Galactic Nemeses tournament, and spending all day Thursday on a field trip to the Brooklyn Museum. The Zombie Munchkins game lasted almost 2 hours, with us declaring “That’s it…person x next to me is going to win” every turn for the last half hour. The “Adventure Map” is a mix between the MM game the kids already play, Dungeons and Dragons lite, and Choose-your-own-adventure + dice. I essentially designed a game and the players move through it by making choices and rolling dice. We used the digital die that Drew made (and has online here: INSERT DIGI DICE LINK), which worked fantastically.  We didn’t get through the whole game—I had to leave for an appointment to read with Askani—but I got some good feedback and have been asked to schedule a time next week to finish the game.

Which reminds me that @thewitchqueen908 and I read almost every day this week! From the first chapters of Frankenstein to Viking adventure books. Last year, I constantly thought about how I would have daily read-aloud hours if I didn’t always have to leave school early. Glad it’s happening and that there’s demand for it!!!! Yay books!

Wednesday, @douglasawesome brought in the controllers for Galactic Nemeses so that Drew could play before he left. It didn’t take long to get players on all 8 controllers, with Abe’s dad videoing and Douglas giving directions. They laughed so loud for game after game after game, I could feel their excitement even when I walked to the other end of the floor to do some internet research (which if you’re interested has included First Aid classes for kids, compiling artist portfolios, off-beat field trips, and lots of history recently).

Then yesterday I set out on an all-day trip with my adventure buddies (who I’m so grateful for! They’re up for anything!) @ninablanco @jacobcb and @pinkpanda . I’m in the process of writing a whole blog post about that trip, but for now let it suffice to say we saw most of the Brooklyn Museum in 3 hours. Details to come!

And somehow today I ended up sewing a mermaid tail with @pinkpanda for most of the post-change-up-meeting day. So I’m typing this with glitter covered fingers and wondering at how many things I’ve gotten to learn and share with kids this week.

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