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Guest Author: Charlotte <3

Charlotte, my seven-year-old friend from QIV-C, has been hanging out with ALC-NYC and Cloudhouse these past few days we’ve visited her home. Here’s a guest post from her:

I liked when my sled was going really fast, last night. With Eric, Abby, Chuck, and Javair. I kept falling out of my sled, which was funny.

I like hanging out with friends.

I like seeing friends.

And I like…hmmm…We played games, like Werewolves. It was fun. I played on the silks with Adin. We got stuck in the knots sometimes. And I kindof fell out sometimes.

I taught yoga and I drew. I drew Abby, Eric, and Askani.

Pretty much everything was the same as last time I hung out with ALC, except a little cooler. And everything was fun.

That’s all. *shrug*

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