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Weird Week…

There are two kids in the school right now, and that’s been a normal thing this week.

It’s not a bad thing; I LOVE that so many of our kids went to D.C. to visit nasa or went upstate or are running around the city with siblings or are leaving early for classes and activities. I now know what it’ll feel like in a few years when our older kids want to spend time volunteering, at internships, and even at jobs. It’ll be wonderful. I want them to be using the city and the world as their classrooms.

But it sure gets quiet and lonely with @thewitchqueen908 @shadowjack @failspy and @timotree off adventuring, especially when @kingthanos @jacobcb @lillaw and @douglasawesome adventure locally or leave early. <3

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  1. Nina says:

    Aww, Abs. I feel you. I’m feeling lonely over here with “half” a kid who is an unschooler and totally helping me open up ALC Oahu. Can’t wait to have more students floating in and out of our magical nests, all over the world! 🙂

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