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Suggested adventures for while school’s closed this week!

Check out the NYCxDESIGN festival (*cough* @shadowjack *cough*)!

Dig through this hard-to-read website to find cool events for Bronx Week!

We saw Basquiat’s work last week and talked about his friendship with Andy Warhol. Now you can go see Warhol’s work at MoMA…

…or Frida Kahlo’s work at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden!

Another Botanical Garden that’s an adventure to get to and explore is the Snug Harbor Botanical Garden on Staten Island. I haven’t been in the science museum there, but the garden grounds are a great place for thinking, making art, picnicking, and taking silly photos.

There are also the usual all ages shows at Brooklyn Night Bazaar on Thursday and Friday. And all of Central (and Prospect and Van Cortlandt) Park. @likeaboss and @agilealfie may want to go to Sean Casey (with a grown-up…sorry, friends) and sign out a dog to walk for a bit. There’s the pyramid playground by the MET, looking for Morse and Basquiat and Bernstein in Greenwood Cemetery, dancing with @abram on Wednesday night in East Harlem, walking the High Line, or heading to any skate park that @ryanshollenberger took trips to last year…though if you do that maybe bring your school ID in case the police get confused about your not having school 😉

Whatever you do, I’d love to read about it when I get back from wedding+graduation celebrations!

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