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“I’m Bored” Toolbox

@catmooy and I opened this old draft blog post and asked people to help us finish it. We asked what people do when they’re






and they (@kirkorovfan @thewitchqueen908 @serenagermany @simoneboss @theanchor @heartabby @aidenstarwars) helped us come up with this list:

Read a book. Play with stuff that’s here. Look at a plant up close and explore it. Watch out the window (for mommy?) Try a new game. Search stuff up. Listen to music. Watch Mario Maker play-through videos on YouTube. Think about mom. I play games. Talk to people. Draw. Scroll through Instagram. Look up things on Wikipedia. Play piano. Look at animals. Sit around. Think about stuff. Think about stuff. Stretch. Write. Practice Duolingo. Dance. Go outside.

Guess we have one more to add…Interview people!

Hope that helps ūüôā


[Guest Post] Siena’s week

makeup      snack       lnuch



She says:

What I liked this week was that I made a picture for my mom. These are my intentions for next week: to make make-up, eat snack, and eat lunch. I wrote them. Now we’re going to look up how to make make-up.

[Guest Blog] Jan’s Friday Blog 9/15

I like that I can build stuff, like out of wood. I also like that I can swing on the hammocks outside. I like that I can read the animal books that are in the school.

I like that I can cook corn. In other schools, you cannot cook corn outside. I am happy that I don’t have to do homework like in other schools you do.

That’s all.



This one is for @thewitchqueen908 @yapyapwizard @pigcraft8 and everyone who went “HUH?” when I used the word earlier…

We have our own ever-evolving language at ALC-NYC, and much of it is comprised of earworms.






It’s a real word. Wikipedia has my back: An earworm, sometimes known as a brainworm, sticky music, or stuck song syndrome, is a catchy piece of music that continually repeats through a person’s mind after it is no longer playing.

Now you have the language to thank me for all the songs I just got stuck in your head…and to ask a friend for a replacement tune to push them out. Here’s some more serious, official info.

Happy humming!






Guest Post: Jason

I play Mine craft then I went to the deli store then Play some more Mine craft then i was going to cooking after i have some pizza then cake then I was playing Simon and I drew on wood then I clean up.

Guest Post by Max

On ¬†Monday ¬† the ¬†first ¬† ¬†day ¬† ¬† ¬†in ¬† ¬†ALC ¬†I ¬†feelt ¬† ¬† excited . ¬†I ¬† went ¬†crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzy. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†I had fun tackling Luca and pulling him down. Again and again. I had fun playing on the computer. I played Minecraft, of course. I usually went to creative mode, but on Wednesday James made me in spectator mode and wouldn’t let me go back to creative. And then on Thursday I told Ryan and he helped me go back on creative mode. I read a Pokemon book for the whole week, almost…except today. But I’ll read it after the blog post. I watched Garden Warfare videos on my sister’s phone because I couldn’t here on the computer. I played Animals. I took Japanese class…that was very very fun. And very messy. I wrote Douglas’ name. Six times! Or five. I played Werewolves. I died two times. I insulted Donald Trump big time, by saying…I forgot. I played Animals with Saylor. I protected the beanbag while Saylor and Aiden tried to invade it. I ate my lunch all the time. I got revenge on Luca. I did not make a lightsaber or work on the comic with Sophie, sadly. I’m going to say good-bye.

I had a very good week. I hope you make me join the ALC.

Guest Post: Aiden

I remember that I played Werewolves. I did cooking…made potatoes. I also was just sitting around a little watching people eat the potatoes. I had a little rest. And I watched people doing stuff besides eat the potatoes.

I remember I was watching the second Werewolves game, so I knew who the werewolves were at the end. And I met the cooking teacher @nhoopee finally. And I always wanted to meet the cooking teacher. And I realized that they cook downstairs…I thought they cooked up here. And I was really excited to go to the cooking class. And I remember that it was really fun to meet the new teacher…the cooking class teacher.

I liked wrestling. I also liked watching @agilepanda do a video game. I also liked watching the people in the cooking class make the things. I also remember that I did two things: I cut up the broccoli and I cut up a little of the cheese. And I cut up the chives, too. And I was the first one to see the potatoes. I put everything on my potato, except for a few things. I really liked my potato. I named him Potato Man. I like his name. And that’s all.

I made two Barbie cakes on Monday. One of them was yellow and the other one was orange. Mine was the only yellow one. And that was mine. I really liked the whole week. I did a sword competition. I made a spear, that @ryanshollenberger helped me with. We made it by using a long piece and making a point at the end. I like @ryanshollenberger’s fluffy beard. I like that we made my spear for the sword competition. I made a sword. It was about five inches long. I like that we built it. At the sword competition, I colored it. I made it look old. And I put some red stuff–that kindof looked like blood–on the spikes. Because that’s where I stab the people and that’s the blood. It had four spikes. The spikes could shoot. The sword could cloak. I liked playing Werewolves. I made a sword in a whole two days. I did not use any help. I colored it mostly green. Me and @loveabby chased @creeperclaws about a week ago. I liked that day.

I like making my clay thing. I made a cup. It took three days to dry. I like it. It’s totally round. I made it for my dad’s birthday. I also like the toppings that I put on my potato. I put this in my blog a little earlier…I like my potato. I also gave it a nickname: the potato soup man. Since he likes to eat soup. He’s my pal. And my potato also got a normal name. My potato also has a middle name: it’s potato yummy man. He laughs a lot. He doesn’t do a lot. I really like him. He does only a few things. Like jumping around. And doing some jigs. Dancing around. And doing things that people don’t usually do. Like drinking water. And blowing it out. Like an elephant would do with his big spout. He likes riding on animals. His favorite is a cat. My favorite animal is also a cat. I have one.

Its name is Boots. He’s really handsome. He breed’s a Devon Rex. He can do a lot of things. Like opening the door when the doorknob’s shut. He can also turn on the sink. He begs to go outside. He knows how to beg for food. He kisses a lot. He knows how to speak. We taught him human language. I like playing with him. He’s adorable (Abby: @kingthanos) I like playing with him. He does a lot. He’s really funny. He makes people laugh. I call him a home-y kitty. His name is Boots. I’m not sure if I repeated that. I like his colors. He’s black. And beige. He’s got big eyes. They’re blue. He’s a nice kitty. He knows what to do. He meows and makes his eyes big when he’s mad. He licks people; that’s how he kisses them. It was difficult to find him. My dad was going to name him Hudson because we live right next to the Hudson River. But when I was two, I screamed out “Boots!” because I just saw some black feet that looked like boots. And that’s why we named him Boots. And that’s his name still today. In cat years, I don’t know how old he is. But in normal years he would be four. He’s full grown. He’s big for his age. But to people he looks cute. He likes jumping around. I like chasing him. I’m happy that I have him. I would be sad if I did not have a kitty. Especially if I did not have a Devon Rex. It was difficult to find him. He came from a pet breeder. We got him a long time ago. He was shipped by a plane (in these days they’re not allowed to be shipped by planes). And I want to continue the blog next week.

[or now…because we have 15 more minutes]

So. I liked making the potato. I realized that the cooking teacher that works there (@nhoopee) I did not know. She was nicer than I thought.

Now I’m going to a different subject. My favorite movie is Star Wars. I watched a lot. I like other movies. But not as much. My second favorite is Planes Movie 2. I also like the first one, too. The first one I like a little worse because of Whip Slinger and adventures that they have with Dusty the crop hopper who became a racer in the Wings Around the Globe rally. Planes is a fun movie. I like it a lot. And that’s all for today.

I like making my blog. I like @creeperclaws. I like this school. The Agile school.